The SNUZ Pillow’s patented, ergonomic, two-chamber, hourglass design helps cradle your head and align your neck and spine ergonomically.

That means:

  • A more comfortable, restful night’s sleep on your back, side, or stomach.
  • Less a chance of pain and stiffness in your back, neck, and shoulders due to sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
  • A silky, luxurious, comfortable feel and a better night’s sleep.
  • And, unlike ordinary pillows that degrade, lose their shape, and turn into a mushy mess.

The SNUZ Pillow is guaranteed to maintain its shape for years to come. No matter what kind of sleeper you are, the SNUZ Pillow was made for YOU!

We offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee (less shipping and handling).

  • If you’re a back sleeper, the SNUZ Pillow’s unique, hourglass design perfectly fits, cradles, and supports the curve of your neck and the back of your head.
  • If you’re a side sleeper, the SNUZ Pillow provides ideal head support & neck and spinal alignment. And the gentle dip in the middle of the pillow prevents pressure on your ear created by the crown of regular pillows.
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper, the cavity on the bottom creates the perfect channel for your arm while still offering neck and spinal alignment and reduced pressure on your ear.

You will LOVE the SNUZ Pillow’s silky smoothness and luxurious feel, or your money back*

The machine washable SNUZ Pillow is made of silky, smooth, luxurious-feeling, 300-thread count cotton, and it’s filled with ultra-light, super-durable, hypoallergenic fibers that won’t break down, degrade and turn into mush-like ordinary pillows.

And the open mesh venting on the sides will help keep it cool and comfortable from the moment your head hits the pillow until you wake up in the morning.


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