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Comfy & Puffy!

2 custom chambered, breathable and ergonomic design for the most comfortable sleep in any position.

Aligns Your

Neck & Back

Experience the SNÜZ Pillow difference. Get the best sleep ever.

The Sleep

You Deserve

Silky smoothness and luxurious feel with a 2 chamber hour glass shape that aligns your neck and back.

Total Alignment the key to amazing sleep

Hourglass Ergonomic

Hourglass Ergonomic

The shape of the SNÜZ Pillow ensures alignment that cradles your head and supports your neck, creating less chance of pain and stiffness in your back, neck and shoulders.

Two-Chambered Design

Two-Chambered Design

This unique shape holds fiber in place so it doesn’t flatten out or lose its shape.

Breathable, Soft and Cuddly!

Breathable, Soft and Cuddly!

Breathable mesh pairing with 300 thread count premium cotton and durable silky microfiber fill. Makes it cool, fresh and luxurious.

The SNÜZ Pillow Difference Happy Sleepers

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